Your SEO success becomes evident when you focus on enhancing content

                                             What Makes SEO More Productive

You may not be doing something new when formulating your SEO strategy, but one thing you must ensure is that you have to do it differently. The implementation makes the difference because what worked for others might not work for you. Considering the ground realities and the business matrix is essential for creating strategies, but its right implementation depends on how well you can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business.  It is not enough to  CREATE GOOD CONTENT if you cannot support it with a proper distribution that is essential for building a strong SEO campaign. In this article, we have discussed some tactics that could strengthen the  SARASOTA SEO campaign and give you more confidence in implementing it.

Create engaging content

When defining the quality of content, we usually focus on the quality of information and its authenticity that determines its value. However, another significant factor contributes to the value of content.  It is the level of engagement that the content is capable of creating. It does not matter how much information you pack the content if readers do not find it interesting. Only when the content is interesting and relevant, it conveys real value to readers as well as search engines.

Engaging content is attractive to search engines, as it is capable of driving traffic and create more conversions that lead to increased revenue. The engagement level affects the CTR and the more time visitors spend on the website is a factor that affects the search rankings positively.

Give a new purpose to old content

Treat content as a valuable asset, take care of it by proper storing, and maintain an inventory so that you can review it periodically and when needed, pull out some of the old content for publishing once again. No, you should not use the same content in the way it had appeared earlier.  First, you have to choose the content by considering how relevant the topic is at that time. If you find it relevant, you must add more value to it so that it does an interesting reading. You can do it by giving a new purpose to the content. When you are  RE-PURPOSING THE CONTENT , you are doing one of the two things – creating the content for a new target audience or recasting the content to change the format.

It is important to know that re-purposing content does not mean revamping it.  Revamping means refurbishing the content to update information and data without changing the purpose for which it was created and then serving it to the same audience.

Take the blogging route

Blogging is an interesting way to create attractive and valuable content for both users as well as search engines.  Blogs are powerful media for communicating with the audience by sharing valuable information and tips while providing solutions to problems that they might be facing. It provides unique opportunities for establishing your authority in the business niche, as you can express your views and opinion on topics related to the business. The more authority you demonstrate, the website gains more value that starts receiving links from other sites. Earning backlinks is a vital gain as it impacts the search rankings favorably.

High-quality blogs attract Google towards it that finds a reason to attach more value to the website. Moreover, sites that carry blogs have a much higher rate of indexing by search engines, and it can be as high as 434 percent as compared to websites without blogs. The returns from blogging are most for e-commerce sites that experience 13 times better ROI than websites that do not have blogs.

Use long-form content

Pay attention to create long-form content that can be a potent weapon to beat the competition. The content of 2000 words or more is ideal long-form content that results from good research and carries authentic and valuable information that the audience would like. Well, structured long-form content does an interesting reading and ranks much well for the same keyword as compared to shorter content. Search engines also like long-form content that complies with its guidelines of publishing high-quality content that influences search results, though not directly

Mobile optimized content

To reach out to the largest section of the audience that uses mobile devices, almost 80% users come under this category, ensure that you have a responsive design for the website. It would ensure that the content reaches the mobile users who are certainly the dominant force for marketers to target. Responsive design ensures that the content is suitable for viewing on small screens without sacrificing its ease of reading. Viewers can see the full display of content prominently on small screens with minimum scrolling.

       As you are strengthening the content, the positive effects of SEO  become visible.

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Most Effective Tips for Making Your Content Go Viral

Focus on making your content compelling, interesting, moving, funny, best in its segment, and certainly something that is capable of resonating with several viewers and readers. Content goes viral thanks to the audience, who are responsible in evaluating the content’s worth. One of the key factors behind anything going viral is its ability to touch people some way or the other. So you can make your content go viral by sharing content that is truly uplifting, inspiring and one that makes everyone feel good about themselves and also, others. Content can flow or get shared often, if the content is awe-inspiring and evokes emotional response. You must always keep in mind that positive articles, uplifting messages, positive messages or articles that broaden your horizon have great chances of being enjoyed and going viral.

Understand What Flows

There are certain things that have a tendency to go viral. You should devote your writing skills and energy to the following to boost more sharing:

  • Articles those are capable of evoking a feeling of admiration or those that inspire you to go beyond petty self-interests.
  • Longer high quality articles are preferred over short ones. People devote more time on reading meticulously if the content deserves that kind of treatment. If the content is quite engaging and conveys a clear message that readers have been waiting desperately to know about, it is sure to go viral. Long content does not imply repetitive and long-winded.
  • Original and unusual content often go viral.
  • Cute things such as laughing babies, dogs doing tricks, crazy cats etc. are extremely popular and everybody loves them.
  • Instructional content
  • News, particularly breaking news
  • Warnings such as viruses online or phishing scam
  • Contests and Freebies

Exploit the Confirmation Bias

Recent studies have revealed that as many as 20% of subjects online prefer to share content which reflects or throws light upon certain aspects of their character. For example surveys, quizzes, trivia, polls and lists have proven to be tremendously attractive to the masses, and sites like Playbuzz have been quick to recognize their importance and post tailor-made content to generate and utilize the confirmation bias among viewers.

Craft Entertaining and Educational Content

Statistics reveal that around 69% of users generally tend to share content which educates or entertains their immediate social circles just to project the image of being a true friend. Some platforms facilitate users in developing interactive content on the topic of their choice, thus creating a library of interesting and entertaining content for their friends and extended networks.

Make It Information-Centric

At one point of time information would be protected with utmost care and disseminated very carefully among the masses, but in this hi-tech era, it is all about sharing and circulating more and more information. But that does not imply just any information, but top quality, informative, useful and detailed information which are needed by people to transform their lives or make their lives even better. Learn to write precise and information-packed content just like resume experts do.

Optimize Content for Facebook

Facebook is undeniably the largest social network in the world today. It is the most popular social media platform. It is therefore, necessary to optimize your content strategy for Facebook. You could simply include quizzes as menu options on your pages and also, this content format is integrated and compatible to Facebook newsfeed.

Visibility and Accessibility A Must

If your content is not easily accessible, and is hidden deep within directories and categories on your site, there is a very small chance for it to go viral, simply because no one would be able to find it. For example, choose a domain name which is short and easy to remember. For content being hosted on other websites, use websites with a lot of traffic, like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook etc.

Also ensure that your content contains the particular keywords which a user is likely to enter when he is looking for whatever it is that you are trying to provide. This is an SEO aspect as well, and increases the visibility of your content on search engines.If you do not keep this in mind, your page could be pushed back, as far as, the seventh or eighth page of search results, or even further, and most users would either have found what they were looking for, or given up much earlier than that. Also there are many top essay writers listed on sites like and you can always take a help from them.

Publicize Your Content through Multiple Channels

Posting the content is only half the battle. Publicity is the main factor which determines the success of content, and hence, you must maximize the reach of your work by posting or sharing it through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, RSS feeds, Tumblr, email signatures, microblogging sites and forums.

Do not oversell your product. Trying too hard would drive people away. Most viewers appreciate casual hints or directions to content. Using links is also a good idea, as most retweets contain links, and psychological studies have also revealed that most people click on links out of curiosity. Linking is a crucial aspect of the process.

Use a link. The majority of retweets have links in them. When it comes to viral videos and web pages, the link is a crucial part of it. Send a link to people you know, and people who would be interested in your content as well.

Attractive Headlines are a Must

The headline to your article or content is possibly the most important thing there is, because an attractive headline would incite your viewer to keep reading the article, whereas a drab one would lead to most users closing the page. Analyses have revealed that verbs which promote knowledge or wisdom, like “know, find, learn, prove, or understand” receive positive responses from the audience. Superlative adjectives like “best, easiest, happiest, funniest” also attract more users. You must ensure that this aspect is covered, so that your target readers are adequately interested in reading your article.

Timing Counts

Timing is very important. Examine if the time is best for your content to go viral. If it is not, it would be best to wait patiently for the right time. Do not waste your effort if someone has already posted a similar content. It is best to post your content when your target audience is supposed to be online. The reason behind this is that the greater number of people actively view, read, or interact with your content when released, the greater is the likelihood of your content going viral.