What Are the Pros and Cons of Bots? automate all services

Automation is here to stay. At least it seems that way. Ordering in food or flowers or getting your alarm going in the morning has never been easier, or more fun. As with every new development, there will always be a few negative things that will try to mess it up. The advent of bots has come with a number of advantages as well as disadvantages.

Bots have found their way into many spheres of our lives.

  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Lifestyle
  • Customers services

These fields and more have developed automation services or tasks that can be dealt with by virtual assistants. Socializing on social media has brought some significant reasons why you may need to find out how you can block bad bot traffic. That aside, there are many good things associated with bots.


Bots have brought with them a world of good. Have a look:

  • They save time for the server and the customer or client and are also very convenient.

They save time and money for the business and this results in higher profits for the business. If you factor in online shopping, you will understand how much time you save by being able to do your orders from home. You do not need to make time during the course of the day to go shopping. All the browsing and testing and the time wastage that physical shopping brings can be avoided.

Should you get home in the dead of the night and you are either too tired to cook or there is nothing in the fridge, you can turn to the internet for a solution. Stores are open 24/7 and you can have food delivered to you at any time. That is quite a leap from the time when you would have to make a call or find that no stores were open past a certain time. As long as you can access the chatbots all you need to rememberis what you want to eat. In addition, you can browsefor restaurants that are open in your area without having to call anyone. Thus, no one knows where you are unless you choose to tell them.

There is nothing that tires a person as much as something that one has to do over and over again, every day. Imagine having to physically take down files, then put them back and having to repeat that throughout the day or even the week! One is bound to get bored. Automation takes care of such tasks for you as yousimply order your bot. You can then move on to other tasks. You get more done that way.

If you need your incoming information organized, bots help to make that happen in record time. The same happens with data organization.

When you are dealing with a lot of activities that are interrelated, it is easier and faster when there is a bot to handle them. Pushing buttons and getting information from myriads of sources and coordinating directions can be achieved so much fasterwhen one simply has to give orders.


Below are a few disadvantages of the use of bots:

  1. They cannot be effectively set to perform exact tasks and they can misunderstand instructions. One can set up more that one bot to deal with several tasks though.
  2. If a customer makes an order that is beyond the bot’s scope of knowledge, that could be a problem, especially if there is no human to interpret the order or deal with such a situation should it crop up.
  3. Some things cannot be taught. A chatbot, for instance, does not have the capability to interpret additional features of an order. It is only a human who can make adjustments if need be. It is therefore necessary to have a professional on hand to deal with issues that the bot may misunderstand.
  4. The human touch is still necessary. Most humanbeings still prefer to deal with a fellow human with whom they can engage in some small talk as they take care of their order. It is also not possible as yet to automate all services. Some things like deliveries can only be done by humans.
  5. There is the possibility of abuse from unscrupulous humans. You must have heard about how people get trolled online by others. For the longest time, it was assumed that there are a lot of humans on social media sites who have nothing better to do than start fights.

On the issue of trolls, it does seem that some humans are up to no good where others are concerned. However, it is a relief to know that such bots can be identified and furtherinteraction with them avoided. It is also good to know that one can get such reported and blocked as they tend to come up in the form of social media accounts.

Bots may be relatively new as of now, but there are developers who are working hard to make them better. Right now, the jury is out on whether they are really helpful or not. Many enterprise owners have embraced the use of bots in their businesses, especially for customer care purposes. That is definitely a sign of great things to come.


Bots are beginning to make their presence felt and not just in the social media circles. It would appear that they are most prone to abuse in those circles as people can easily make botaccounts for trolling purposes. That said, the development of bots cannot be pushed aside. It is just a matter of time before they take over all things to do with the internet. As the developers work on making better bots, you may continue to enjoy the privileges of shopping online and getting your data synchronized in record time.


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What Goes On Before, During and After Installing Solar Panels? Find Out Here!

Electricity is one of the most important resources that we need on a daily basis. We use electrical power to run our appliances, electronics, and even our cars. Today, there are two main sources of electricity. These are the main grid and solar panels. Grid electricity is provided by local utility companies. On the other hand, solar electricity is provided through a solar panels system. Some people are able to save money on electricity bills by running a hybrid power system that uses both grid and solar panel electricity. Read on to discover how they accomplish this.

How to get solar electricity in your premises

You can get a solar power system in your home or business premises in two ways. You can install it yourself or hire a professional solar panel company to do it for you. The latter option provides better results. This is because they perform a number of activities before, during, and after installation. These activities include:

  • Performing a solar feasibility study on your property
  • Designing a custom solar power system
  • Estimating the cost of installation and service
  • Creating a financial structure that ensures maximum Return On Investment (ROI) after installation
  • Constructing and engineering the system
  • Providing project management services
  • Installing the solar panel system
  • Application of appropriate technology and safety equipment during installation
  • Facilitating the provision of a Solar Renewable Energy Credit Certificate
  • Providing assistance with the processing of rebates and credits
  • Servicing and maintenance after-installation

Incentives provided for solar panel installation

Government and state authorities normally provide incentives that encourage people to install solar panel systems. Some examples of these incentives are the Solar rebates, Net Metering, and the Feed-in Tariff. These incentives normally allow the owners of solar panel systems to sell their excess power to the utility companies that provide them with grid electricity. Upon sale, the owners can get some cash or credit back.

A professional Solar company in New Jersey can help by advising their clients about these incentives and facilitating application for them. For example, they can help with the application for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). By using this incentive, you can save 30% on federal tax credit.

Custom designing your solar panel power system

Every home or office has its own energy needs. Therefore, a one-size fits all solar panel system is not applicable. Therefore, installation companies normally perform an audit to find out how much electrical power you use on a daily or monthly basis. Having found out, they present the results to you. By using this information, you can decide if you want a purely solar or a hybrid electricity system. When you pick your preference, they proceed to design a solar panel system for you.


The sun is an infinite source of energy. This is both heat and light. The light can be harnessed and used as electricity. This is done using solar panels. There are companies that specialize in providing this service. Their assessment and installation processes are indicated above.

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