Futuristic Plans For Delivery Systems

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO announced pretty surprising news to correspondent Charlie Rose. They spent at least 60 minutes talking about different projects, after which Jeff took Rose into a mystery room at the headquarters of Amazon. It turned out to be the room keeping the secrets of the so-called Octocopter R&D project. These are drones which are designated to fly packages directly in front of your doorstep. And, the shocking announcement – this will happen in about 30 minutes.

Of course, this is an audacious plan, and it’s going to require a lot more safety testing and specification analysis than FAA approvals. However, Jeff is positive that this delivery by drone system is going to be integrated and implemented in about 4 to 5 years from now. Customers will be capable of taking advantage of the so-called “Prime Air” service – this is how Amazon wants to name it.

A Moment of Surprise

When Charlie Rose walked into the R&D room and managed to see the drone which was the initial design for the Prime Air program, he was utterly excited. It was quite clear that Amazon representatives are looking for a new sensation to bring in front of 60 Minutes, but the achievement was genuinely surprising and impressive.

60 Minutes even reported that the CEO of Amazon himself built up the surprise during the actual breaks of the filming of this particular segment. He even teased reporters by asking them to guess what the surprise actually was. If they had guessed it, Bezos would give them half of his fortune and send them off directly to Vegas, he joked.

Further Development

After the utter surprise, Jeff also played a demonstration video for the team of 60 Minutes which showed the entire process of the picking up and dropping package by the drones. They used small yellow buckets from the fulfillment centers of Amazon and would whiz through the air in order to deliver different items to separate clients no more than 30 minutes after the latter had clicked on the buy button on the website.

The technology is particularly amazing, and it could be a revolution in the delivery business. Not only is it going to make delivery positions excessive and unnecessary, it’s going to automate the entire segment, hence allowing companies to be a lot more flexible. This is also going to benefit the end customer a great deal by ensuring timely deliveries and absolutely no hassle, whatsoever. With all this in mind, it’s important to understand that this could truly be the next big step in the delivery niche.

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The Link Between The Solar Eclipse and The Retail Business


For long, retailers have always capitalized on special events and anniversaries to market specific products like mementos and souvenirs to commemorate the occasion that brought in added revenue. The trend continues, and it is, therefore, no surprise that the just gone total solar eclipse Iowain the United States has spelled good business for retailers. Companies created products related to the theme of the event and the market was flooded with solar eclipse related products.  From commemorative coin to eclipse medallion, from solar eclipse jewelry collection to eclipse mugs and from eclipse emblazoned T-shirts to water bottles and wall art the list is quite long. Edibles like cakes and pastries named after eclipse also made it to the market that did brisk business. The celebration provided excellent business opportunities because buyers were ready to spend money on anything that caught their fancy.

What are souvenirs?

The innate desire of humans to treasure memories of some place or some special events that leave a deep impression in their minds gave rise to a unique range of merchandise that relates to the place, or event and capable of evoking memories. It is hard to say what items comprise souvenirs or mementos, as it is also known, but it can be anything that has some connection to the place or event that brings back memories of those times. Souvenir is a French word that means memory or remembrance.


The eclipse triggered business

The solar eclipse had created a lot of excitement across America, and the population from the east coast to the west that came under the Path of Totality was the prospective buyers of mementos and other items that carried the marks of the eclipse. Not remaining confined to the path of totality, the market of souvenirs and gift items related to the eclipse stretched across entire America that was in the grip of eclipse fever, no matter how far it was from the place where the moon’s shadow touched the earth. Touted as the event of the century that occurred after ninety years on the American soil, the solar eclipse created huge business opportunities for travel and tourism too as people from all over America and other places of the world wanted to be there on the day of the event.

Shopping for souvenirs

Considering the total solar eclipse viewing is the event of a lifetime, it is only normal that people would be very keen to preserve the memories that could fondle with later. Tourists would also like to take back the mementos home to share the memories with others.  Mementos become precious with time as it has the power of turning the clock to get people back in those times of happiness, joy, and excitement. The mementos are a sign that those possessing it are somehow related to the historical event by virtue of being born and alive during that time.


Souvenirs make memories more real and tangible and this is the reason that it has acquired a timeless dimension that passes on through generations.



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