Most Effective Tips for Making Your Content Go Viral

Focus on making your content compelling, interesting, moving, funny, best in its segment, and certainly something that is capable of resonating with several viewers and readers. Content goes viral thanks to the audience, who are responsible in evaluating the content’s worth. One of the key factors behind anything going viral is its ability to touch people some way or the other. So you can make your content go viral by sharing content that is truly uplifting, inspiring and one that makes everyone feel good about themselves and also, others. Content can flow or get shared often, if the content is awe-inspiring and evokes emotional response. You must always keep in mind that positive articles, uplifting messages, positive messages or articles that broaden your horizon have great chances of being enjoyed and going viral.

Understand What Flows

There are certain things that have a tendency to go viral. You should devote your writing skills and energy to the following to boost more sharing:

  • Articles those are capable of evoking a feeling of admiration or those that inspire you to go beyond petty self-interests.
  • Longer high quality articles are preferred over short ones. People devote more time on reading meticulously if the content deserves that kind of treatment. If the content is quite engaging and conveys a clear message that readers have been waiting desperately to know about, it is sure to go viral. Long content does not imply repetitive and long-winded.
  • Original and unusual content often go viral.
  • Cute things such as laughing babies, dogs doing tricks, crazy cats etc. are extremely popular and everybody loves them.
  • Instructional content
  • News, particularly breaking news
  • Warnings such as viruses online or phishing scam
  • Contests and Freebies

Exploit the Confirmation Bias

Recent studies have revealed that as many as 20% of subjects online prefer to share content which reflects or throws light upon certain aspects of their character. For example surveys, quizzes, trivia, polls and lists have proven to be tremendously attractive to the masses, and sites like Playbuzz have been quick to recognize their importance and post tailor-made content to generate and utilize the confirmation bias among viewers.

Craft Entertaining and Educational Content

Statistics reveal that around 69% of users generally tend to share content which educates or entertains their immediate social circles just to project the image of being a true friend. Some platforms facilitate users in developing interactive content on the topic of their choice, thus creating a library of interesting and entertaining content for their friends and extended networks.

Make It Information-Centric

At one point of time information would be protected with utmost care and disseminated very carefully among the masses, but in this hi-tech era, it is all about sharing and circulating more and more information. But that does not imply just any information, but top quality, informative, useful and detailed information which are needed by people to transform their lives or make their lives even better. Learn to write precise and information-packed content just like resume experts do.

Optimize Content for Facebook

Facebook is undeniably the largest social network in the world today. It is the most popular social media platform. It is therefore, necessary to optimize your content strategy for Facebook. You could simply include quizzes as menu options on your pages and also, this content format is integrated and compatible to Facebook newsfeed.

Visibility and Accessibility A Must

If your content is not easily accessible, and is hidden deep within directories and categories on your site, there is a very small chance for it to go viral, simply because no one would be able to find it. For example, choose a domain name which is short and easy to remember. For content being hosted on other websites, use websites with a lot of traffic, like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook etc.

Also ensure that your content contains the particular keywords which a user is likely to enter when he is looking for whatever it is that you are trying to provide. This is an SEO aspect as well, and increases the visibility of your content on search engines.If you do not keep this in mind, your page could be pushed back, as far as, the seventh or eighth page of search results, or even further, and most users would either have found what they were looking for, or given up much earlier than that. Also there are many top essay writers listed on sites like and you can always take a help from them.

Publicize Your Content through Multiple Channels

Posting the content is only half the battle. Publicity is the main factor which determines the success of content, and hence, you must maximize the reach of your work by posting or sharing it through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, RSS feeds, Tumblr, email signatures, microblogging sites and forums.

Do not oversell your product. Trying too hard would drive people away. Most viewers appreciate casual hints or directions to content. Using links is also a good idea, as most retweets contain links, and psychological studies have also revealed that most people click on links out of curiosity. Linking is a crucial aspect of the process.

Use a link. The majority of retweets have links in them. When it comes to viral videos and web pages, the link is a crucial part of it. Send a link to people you know, and people who would be interested in your content as well.

Attractive Headlines are a Must

The headline to your article or content is possibly the most important thing there is, because an attractive headline would incite your viewer to keep reading the article, whereas a drab one would lead to most users closing the page. Analyses have revealed that verbs which promote knowledge or wisdom, like “know, find, learn, prove, or understand” receive positive responses from the audience. Superlative adjectives like “best, easiest, happiest, funniest” also attract more users. You must ensure that this aspect is covered, so that your target readers are adequately interested in reading your article.

Timing Counts

Timing is very important. Examine if the time is best for your content to go viral. If it is not, it would be best to wait patiently for the right time. Do not waste your effort if someone has already posted a similar content. It is best to post your content when your target audience is supposed to be online. The reason behind this is that the greater number of people actively view, read, or interact with your content when released, the greater is the likelihood of your content going viral.

What Is MiFID II and what impact will it have on business

Even though the delay of the Markets in Financial Instruments Direction, MiFID II, will have been a relief to a number of investment firms that had waited for the release of the European Securities and Markets Authority’s regulation, it doesn’t hide the fact that it will come into practice. The impact that MiFID II will have on businesses is constantly changing and it is imperative to keep a finger on the pulse.

The launch of MiFID II in January 2018 is set to have a sweeping effect on asset management firms in particular who are responsible for providing transaction reports. Despite a couple of exceptions, these firms will no longer be able to rely on brokers for transaction reporting.

However, new technologies will be implemented to help businesses to meet their MiFID II reporting needs.

What is MiFID and MiFID II?

The first Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) resulted in a major change to cash equity markets. Its best intentions were to remove barriers to make cross-borders trades and exchanges within Europe safer and more transparent. MiFID II regulates firms that provide services to clients, such as collective investment schemes or derivatives, and this also includes trading of location instruments. The legislation has a number of core objectives, including:

  • To improve investor protection
  • Alignment of regulation across certain areas within the EU
  • To increase competition between financial markets
  • To introduce reinforced supervisory powers

So essentially, MiFID II will introduce a set of requirements regarding communication, disclosure and transparency to benefit investors.

                                        What impact will MiFID II have on business?


                                 There are three main challenges ahead of MiFID II:


To Improve the market

MiFID II improves the competitive environment for financial instrument trading. This is achieved by establishing access in the market for trading platforms to expand. New rules regarding high-frequency trading will also be put into practice. It is likely for this to involve strict requirements for both investment firms and trading venues. Investment firms will also need to be aware of what types of businesses they are and are not in, and those that they are interested in joining.

To Increase Transparency

When MiFID II is introduced, more requirements will need to be filled when reporting commodity derivatives trading to attain transparency. To ensure success, all trading information must be recorded before and after the transaction for a larger number of financial instruments, when compared to MiFID, to provide increased accountability. Certain shares will be required to be travel-use regulated platforms, as opposed to over the counter, making the process more secure and private.

To provide investment protection

MiFID II focuses on improving investor protection to extend the introduction of robust controls, to prevent conflicts of interest. This will aid in encouraging transparency between pre-execution and post-execution, and enables fees payable in respect of investment advice to be banned. The introduction of new requirements and implementing existing ones will strengthen the protection of investors.

How to Succeed in Online Trading

Online trading is widely seen as an appealing way for anyone to make money, by applying simple financial acumen and a basic knowledge of global economics and politics to the movements of international markets. With a computer and a reliable internet connection, you can trade from almost anywhere, whenever the markets are open. Some online platforms, such as, even offer the opportunity to trade when they are closed through After-Hours Trading, or AHT. This creates the potential for larger profits, since there are fewer traders operating, meaning that prices can be far more ‘volatile,’ swinging more rapidly and by larger amounts.

Making significant profits from trading over the long-term does, however, demand a fair amount of effort, a cool head and the ability to learn quickly from your mistakes. There are a few basic rules that you need to follow in order to have a better chance of success, irrespective of your objectives, trading strategy and time frame.

The first rule is to consider the kind of trading style you want to adopt. Are you ready to spend a lot of time in front of your computer? Are you able to stay focused for long periods? Do you cope well with stress?

If your answer to each of these questions is ‘yes’, then scalping or day trading might be the trading style for you. Scalping involves making many trades, each within the space of a minute or so, with the aim of taking advantage of small movements in the markets. It’s particularly effective when an asset isn’t showing a significant medium-term trend in either direction, and is trading within a relatively narrow range.

If you don’t plan on spending hours monitoring the markets, then you may be better off adopting a swing trading strategy, where positions are often held for periods lasting between one day and several weeks. Traders with solid knowledge of specific assets and the factors which can affect their value – what’s known as “fundamental analysis” – often prefer this approach.



Long-Term Position Traders


A “position trader,” on the other hand, makes long-term trades, lasting for months or even years. An understanding of macroeconomics, global politics and the dynamics of emerging industries can make this a winning strategy for traders with a great deal of patience. The main advantage is that the rewards can be immense, if, for example, you predict a surge in demand for a certain commodity that will become a key component of a new product with worldwide appeal.  

Once you’ve thought about the trading style you plan to adopt and have studied how the markets work, it’s important to apply sound money management principles to minimise any losses. One way to do this is to apply ‘stop losses’ to your trades, meaning that a position is automatically closed if its price moves beyond a pre-set limit. You can also use personal rules, such as never risking more than 2% of your total capital on a single position.

With the right plan of attack, online trading can be both highly profitable and enjoyable. Make sure you’re fully prepared for the experience and you’ll soon see why more and more people are turning their focus towards this additional income stream.



10 Profitable Investments You’ve Never Heard Of

There are a lot of proven techniques to make money out of your investments.

Peer to peer lending is one of the investments that are becoming more popular. The good thing about this investment is that you really don’t have to do anything other than to just lend your money. There is a middle man to help you get paid so collecting the amount lent won’t be a big problem.

If you want something that comes with a slight risk, you can go for purchasing or rare coins. According to statistics, the value of rare coins has increased by about 10% in just two years. Therefore, the amount that you have invested could go a long way.

If you want something that is really weird, become a surrogate. The best part is that you won’t spend a single cent on this endeavor. There are a lot of people who are searching for surrogates. There are couples who could not have their own kids. There are gay couples who are searching for surrogates too. This provides $50,000 of instant money.

You might be uncomfortable with the idea of investing at first considering the risk that comes with it. However, you should also understand that these investments are not yet popular. You won’t face a lot of competitors.

Think about it and you might be interested to give it a shot. Just check the infographic below for more information. Weigh the options well before making your final investment.

10 Profitable Investments You've Never Heard Of

The commonly overlooked benefit of Outsourcing

Over the last two decades, more and more businesses have embraced the practice of business process outsourcing and have seen great benefits.

What’s important to note is that business across various industries and of varying revenue generation capabilities have adopted the practice of outsourcing.

The common benefits are clearly visible for all the owners and stake holders involved in the decision. With enhanced technical capabilities and advancements in communication and data handling, business owners were delighted by the access to the large pool of talent that they couldn’t necessarily afford previously.

The economic viability is cited by most as the most important benefit. Most businesses would have to alternatively build a team of professionals

Managers and business leaders now have more time to focus on their strengths and now have the opportunity to direct all their efforts towards the growth of the company.

Departments like customer support, IT management, Marketing, Bookkeeping, Legal services have all been commonly outsourced.

Most critics claim that the lowered cost of operation comes along with the threat of reduced level of efficiency and that even though there is a sense of accountability placed on the respective vendors, the lack of strict quality control often leads to declining levels of output. The naysayers also claim that there is ample room for miscommunication and this causes a dip in effectiveness of the practice of outsourcing.

Select a Modern Service Provider

Modern service providers moved quickly to address this problem and to dispel the myth. Real Bergevin , the co-founder of Nuvest Management Services offers his clientele an assurance of quality standards by ensuring that the teams are spearheaded by qualified professionals who understand the relevant business practices. Nuvest Management Services is a Canadian company that offers services of outsourced bookkeeping and accounting. Having interacted with a variety of clientele seeking assistance on their financial functions, Real and the team at Nuvest provide a powerful alternative to business owners.

A Valuable Proposition to Consider

Real and the team at Nuvest believe that “Staffing an in-house accounting department can be rather costly. Every employee will earn an annual salary, paid time off, sick time, and health care and 401(k) benefits. Apart from the economic benefits, for many organizations the access to an outsourced team of experts in itself is a valuable proposition and many businesses are still amazed by the capabilities of such teams. We have qualified project leaders who ensure that our off-shore teams deliver the best results for our clientele”

Improving Strategic Flexibility

Most businesses would cite the economic benefits as the most commonly observed benefit. Greater study would reveal that the most important benefit of outsourcing is the improved strategic flexibility and the room that it creates to drive innovation.  This benefit is certainly overlooked by many. Leaders with an eye on long term goals would state that this benefit would single handedly win the case for outsourced services.

Business leaders are capitalizing on the expertise of their new partners and are able to set aggressive targets that weren’t economically viable and technologically feasible earlier. In a world that’s constantly pursuing the highest standards of customer satisfaction and loyalty, outsourced services are crucial to achieving organizational goals.

It’s important to acknowledge the reality that outsourcing needs to be done after identifying the most important metrics and also the significance of the benefits of outsourcing. Outsourcing isn’t for everyone and there isn’t assurance of a win-win situation for everyone. By carefully identifying the important departments or tasks that can be bettered, the overall operational efficiency of an organization would grow.


                                                                                                                            Nuvest Management Services





















Tech Firm Giants Reacted To the Alleged CIA Dump


Different tech firm giants have given their reaction regarding the allegation that their products have been compromised.  Accounts pertaining to the CIA’s hacking tool can be seen on the considerable amount of documents published at Wikileaks.   The spy agency is being accused of successfully developing methodologies to listen on Smart TV and Smartphone.  As of late, the pages have now surpassed the number of documents related to Snowden.

The statement of Apple contains the most comprehensive detail about the alleged infiltration of the spy agency on their tech.  While they do not necessarily confirm the supposed hacking, they affirmed that there were vulnerabilities on their system and they have already addressed it.  They even claimed that the security of Apple gadgets is the most secured programming available today.  They also added that they are dedicated in maintaining that level of security as time passes by.  The software and the product of Apple are intended to deliver the latest security updates directly to their customers.  According to them, at least 80% of their consumers are using the latest firmware.

Based on the initial analysis conducted by the company, the leaked issues have already been addressed which is all thanks to the latest operating system.  The company also affirmed that they are working fast to track any vulnerabilities and work on them.  They ended their statement by encouraging their customers to download the latest operating system to have an access to their latest updates on security.

Wikileaks also pointed out to Samsung’s F800 series that has been supposedly compromised through a hack based on USB connection.  Samsung did not clarify the alleged hacking, and they just assured the public that they are aware about the news and they are currently looking at the matter.  They also reaffirmed their commitment to protect the privacy of their consumer and the main priority of their device is to give the state-of-the-art security.

Microsoft was also the subject of the Wikileaks which claimed that the spy agency has successfully developed the malware specifically to target the windows operating system particularly the OS running on PC.  They released a statement that is similar to Samsung; again they did not authenticate the alleged hacking of the CIA.

Linux-based operating system was also an alleged victim of the possible hacking of the CIA.  Linux is a widely accessible operating system which is not surprising why it is a common target of most hackers.  Google, in contrast, refused to release a statement or comment on the supposed hacking of the CIA on their android device.

A lot of organizations are now pushing the government to release a detailed response regarding this allegation.  They even exclaimed that it is the government’s duty to protect the privacy and keep the citizen secured.  Unfortunately, the details pertaining to the allegations are doing the opposite.  Turning the gadgets that we use on the regular basis into a weapon is severely damaging.  As of late, CIA has not yet confirmed or denied the allegations.


Taking all of this into consideration how safe are you?  Is it time to band together and raise the question  of personal privacy according to our rights?

Consider the 4th Amendment and ask yourself   “Is my government paid  for by tax payers  in the United States Protecting our Civil  Rights


WannaCry Malware Is Gone But Still Leaves A Lasting Impression


Over the past few years, ransomware has become an enormous problem throughout the United States and abroad. It is also a unique problem that is far different from other types of computer viruses. Unlike other malicious software, ransomware is specifically designed with the intent of forcing the victim to hand over their money. On May the 12th, the world was hit with a cyber-attack unlike anything it had ever seen before. The primary weapon of the attack was the WannaCry ransomware. On the Friday of the attack, the nefarious software infected an estimated 230,000 computers in more than 150 countries.


Affected by These Attacks are Groups like The National Health Service in Britain

Of course, most onlookers were more surprised by the groups that fell victim to the attack. The National Health Service in Britain experienced major disruptions. Simultaneously, Deutsche Bahn, Telefonica and even FedEx became victims of the hackers. When these companies found out they have fallen prey to the hackers, they received a warning screen on their computers demanding ransom ranging in price from 300 to 600 dollars. All of the files on the computers were encrypted. While workarounds were eventually discovered, it was originally believed that paying the extortion money was the only way to obtain the decryption code to unlock their files.

A Lasting Impression left Behind.

While the WannaCry ransomware attack has ended, it has undeniably left a lasting impression behind. For starters, the vulnerability, which allowed hackers to install the malicious software on the victims’ computers, was previously identified and utilized by the United States National Security Agency. The NSA used the vulnerability to their advantage and did not alert Microsoft. A hacking collective, The Shadow Brokers, gained access to the NSA’s tools and documents late last year. Originally, the group attempted to auction off the tools used by the NSA. Microsoft became aware of the problem after leaks from the hacking group. This gave the technology company plenty of time to release patches, but obviously not everyone installed the patch in time.

The Impact

After the attack, Kaspersky Lab analyzed the impact and confirmed that Russia, India, Ukraine, and Taiwan were hit harder than other companies. However, the National Health Service were disrupted the most. Vape technology, tablets and smartphones were generally invulnerable to the attack. In fact, it only impacted older Windows computers that had not been upgraded to the Windows 10 operating system and the latest patch. While experts concur that the impact of the attack was relatively low, it could be a sign of things to come in the near future.

For instance, security experts agree that the results could be far direr had the attacked targeted something more dangerous, such as nuclear power plants or railway systems. At the end of the day, WannaCry might be finished, but it could easily return in the future. The Wall Street Journal and others believe the attack could be linked to North Korea. Whether or not that is true, one thing is certain. Cyber security firms will need to take steps to address these security risks and flaws as quickly as possible. Failing to do so could result in something far worse in the future.


Generation Z – Their Approach to Work and How to Handle Them in the Business Environment

Following Millennials, generation Z is represented by today’s tweens and teens buzzing with novel ideas and holding great promise for tomorrow’s business. Tapping into their approach to work and how to handle them in the business environment is vital.  They go by many names, ‘iGen’, ‘gamers’, the ‘App generation’, the ‘Selfie generation’, ‘post-Millennials’ and the list may continue. What sets them apart from previous generations, generation X, Y, Baby Boomers and Millennials is their unique approach to work.

Born between 1995 and 2012, generation Z comprise of 1% of today’s American working population and is estimated to grow to 7% by 2020. Making their first steps into the era of booming technology, it’s no surprise at all that they are digital natives, learning to use the tablet before they even talk.

Learning to use digital technology and social media from very young ages, gen Z-ers are extremely versatile when it comes to work. Growing up with successful online businesses like, Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, and already old Google, Apple or Microsoft, not to mention digital marketing, they already have a very clear idea how to generate income online and how to run a successful online business.

According to Sean McDowell, Ph. D., professor of Christian apologetic from Biola University, iGens are entrepreneurial thinkers and individualistic by definition. Statistics indicate that 72% of them are more likely to reject the ‘shackles of employment’ and start their own business.

Inborn progressive thinkers, generation Z are constantly on the lookout for quick recognition and validation through social media, which is why they tend to be rather withdrawn from society. Does this mean they can’t work well in a team? No, not at all, they simply have a different approach to teamwork. Forward-minded as they are, they have an innate ability to multitasking. So, for them juggling between tasks comes naturally. After all, they’re gamers and as such they’re also strong team players, socio-psychologists suggest (learn more from

Who says that generation Z only enjoy working with their peers and resent cooperation with authority figures? On the contrary, gamers are keen users of social media, which for them has a double purpose – networking and research tool. This means they are open to collaboration and above all, communication and feedback, which can be implemented in the business environment easily. Additionally, remember that they were born and educated in a world promoting diversity and equality regardless of race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation (some may have even been raised in same-sex families). Therefore, they value acceptance and togetherness despite the differences between individuals, expecting to find the same at the workplace. Here are a few tips how to handle generation Z employees.

How to Handle Generation Z in the Business Environment

Tapping into gen Z psyche is not easy. One thing is unquestionable about generation Z employees, and that’s CREATIVITY. They want to stand out through innovation. At the same time they are perfectly aware of the pitfall that ditched Millennials, therefore, they have a clear understanding that the key to success is hard work and perseverance offline. This is why they seize every opportunity they can to prove themselves.

Imaginative as they are, gen Z-ers would fit perfectly in a business environment where they are able to explore, experiment and nurture innovative ideas. At the same time they’re on a constant lookout for opportunities to develop their skills or acquire new ones, which is why mentor-ship will always come before financial reward for a generation Z employee. However, as gamers, they will always be looking for a challenging business environment and more gamified incentive systems. Having a sharp sense of criticism, these ‘new kids on the block’ just about to enter the workforce are constantly seeking ways to manage and improve their image both on- and offline.

Being constantly connected with the ‘outside world’, they know exactly what is trending at the moment. With a very short attention span (8 seconds), they have the ability to quickly discern what is worth their attention and effort and what not, and this is what stirs their imagination and how they can contribute revolutionary ideas to your business and push it to the top. They may not have decision power within the organization as yet, but they hold big promise.


Highly Individualistic and Independent

Highly individualistic and independent as they are, App generation employees will appreciate constant feedback from their superiors (which is where working with authority figures comes into play). As a good leader and manager, if you wish to retain a gen Z-er you should probably reconsider your employee evaluation system to accommodate (if not replace altogether) the formal, annual appraisal one-on-one sessions with ongoing, informal reviews.

Much as they favor the idea of being their own boss, sociological studies suggest that this digital generation’s ostensible tendency towards entrepreneurship is the manifestation of a survival mechanism rather than the desire to be rich and famous. What these youngsters need is actually something stable to rely on like a secure job that earns them a decent and steady income.


What Sets Millennials Apart

What clearly sets them apart from their Millennial predecessors notorious for their lack of focus, generation Z are planners. With a rich generational heritage from their sell-supporting generation X parents, gen Z-ers look for jobs in less-automatized areas like sales or education. With stability in mind, they seem to always have a very well developed plan B available to help them stay afloat in an ever-shifting economic environment. That is why more often than not, they will opt for a career that offers them financial stability. The ideal workplace for a gen Z-er is therefore one where he can enjoy autonomy, flexibility, support for personal development and initiative, and honesty.

Considering all the aspects revealed about this intriguing new generation, the take-away is this: a gen Z employee is a must-have asset for any business as they can bring a whole set of fresh ideas, hard work, ambition to succeed and eagerness to learn and grow with the company. To incentivize generation Z employees, nurture the differing values and traits that define them, help them succeed and integrate in your multi-generational workforce, and they will give you the best they have to make your business great.




Drones and How They Change the World Stock Market

The FAA is opening air space for commercial activities related to UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones. This will heavily effect markets in stock as the drone market is seeing the global UAV market at about $15 Billion per year, growth up to $20 Billion annually by 2020.

The small cap stock sector is taking notice as drones, which range in cost from $2,000 per unit, to be used by farmers, up to $160,000 for military style devices equipped with infrared cameras, sensors and technology piloted from the ground.

Agriculture will claim 80 percent of the commercial market for drones. In just ten years, every farm will be using them for assessing water problems, issues with insects, observing roaming herds and stock, advanced monitoring of crop yields, which will save farmers time and money. Currently much of this data is obtained through satellite monitors.

Once the Federal Aviation Association establishes guidelines, it will open 100,000 jobs in the UAV industry.

Aljazeera America released a news story, May 16, 2014 from the crowded convention floors of military and non-military drones. Visitors from all over the world were present at the displays.
Now that military drones will be returning home to the U.S. with the troops, military manufacturers are reducing prices for drone components.

Civilian manufacturers are displaying drones for non-military purposes that range in size from computerized helicopters that fit in the palm of the hand to unmanned aircraft size planes, now on the market.

Startup competition is fantastic, growing in markets in stock presence, with over 50 companies alone with designs of drones with 10-foot wings spans, now that prices for components are dropping.


Phil Ellerbroek, director of sales at RoboFlight said the firm is set to post “triple-digit growth in drone sales and hardware in 2014”.

NASDAC: AVAV – AeroVironment, INC., Monrovia, CA, engages in design, development, production and support of UAV’s. Revenue reached $325 million in 2012, market cap now $503 million. 52-week trading ranged $21.14 – $34.28.

NASDAC: NTSC – National Technical Systems, Calabasas, CA, leading provider of engineering and testing services, offering end-to-end service for UAV in North America. Market cap approximately $81 million, 52-week trading from $4.02 – present at $7.++.

NASDAC: ASTC – Astrotech Corp., Austin, TX, provides support for UAV launch vehicles. Leads in provision of commercial aerospace services, (30 years). A first space commercial company. Market cap approximately $21 million. 52-week trading range $0.50 – $1.34.

Keep your eye on the following markets in stock: NYSE symbols: DCO, CVU and ORB.



Managing Your finances With Technology

Checking your bank account on pay day can be one of the most satisfying feelings of the month, but unfortunately that feeling is often short lived. Once you’ve paid your rent or mortgage, your energy bills and your taxes, you can often be left with very little to spend on anything other than food. But although your smartphone now adds another big bill to your monthly outgoings, it can actually help you keep track of your finances and even save money. Here are a few ways technology can make managing your finances much easier.

Pay the Best Price for Products and Services

One of the best ways to make your money go further is to make sure you’re paying the best price for products and services. Often if you’re buying something from a store in person you could be paying a lot more for it than if you were buying it online. You can now even get apps on your phone like Barcode Scanner that will let you find out whether a product is available cheaper online by just taking a photo of the bar-code. If you can find it online cheaper, you could save even more money by visiting sites like Coupon Follow and Deals Plus to find discount codes that can get you a percentage off the price or even free delivery.

Check Regularly for Promotions

By taking the time to shop around and checking sites regularly for promotions you can really save a lot of money. When you do buy from your favorite stores, booking sites or even casinos take the time to sign up for their newsletter as they will let you know when they’re running sales on their range of clothes, electrical products or DVDs. If you’re a fan of playing casino games, there are even some really lucrative casino promotions to take advantage of on the internet. Casino affiliate site Red8’s regularly run casino promotions on their client’s behalf, ensuring that customers get to enjoy the latest bonuses.


Check Energy Savings Opportunities

You can even save money on your energy bills by checking whether you’re on the best tariff from the comfort of your mobile phone. Sites like Choose Energy will compare all of the energy providers in your state and based on your energy usage tell you what the cheapest deal for you is. Although switching energy providers might sound difficult, the website takes the stress out of switching for you and within a few clicks you can be saving hundreds of dollars every year.

View your Bank Account Regularly

Although discount codes, casino promotions and comparison sites can save you a lot of money, the best way of managing your finances is probably to keep an eye on your bank account. Luckily most major banks now have smartphone apps that mean you can check how much money you’ve got 24 hours a day, wherever you are. So whether you want to make sure you have some money saved up for something special or just want to stay out of your overdraft, these banking apps can be a real stress reliever.

              Keep a Sharp Eye on Your Finances With Your Smart Phone