5 Steps to Selecting Your Deck Contractor

Most people find that having a deck gives them a place to enjoy the outdoors.  Here they can entertain family and friends, or simply relax.  In order to have a deck put in you need to find a contractor that can do a good job for you.  It is important that you gather as much information as possible prior to meeting a contractor to discuss your deck.  Armed with this information you will be better able to make a good decision on your contractor.  Here are tips for hiring a fantastic deck builder:

  • This is where you begin.  Research deck builders online using such keywords as DECKS BRISBANE to see the companies that offer these services in your area. It may also be a good idea to ask your friends and family for recommendations.  Once you have reviewed several websites and have a list of 4 or 5 that you like, check out online reviews on them.
  • Create a plan. Start by knowing what you really want. This is important because as the owner, you will be guiding the planning process. Work hand in hand with the contractor to finalize as well as establish what you want done. This means doing the following:
    • Come up with a layout
    • Figure out if you need special features to be added later
    • Consider the materials you would like used to create the deck and the various finishes you are interested in.
    • Work on your budget to figure how much you can part with to make the project a success.
  • Make a comparison of deck builders. Now that you have found several deck builders in your area, and you have a concise plan, it’s time to interview the builders. As you do so, make comparisons. Find out if they are insured and licensed. Also ask them for a list of references.  Based on your plans and budget, find out how well they will be able to deliver. It is also important to ask them for written estimates.
  • Follow up. With the information gathered it is time to carry out your follow up after the interview.  This means calling up references and comparisons of what the contractors have to offer. You will also need to verify the license information given and follow up on the estimates given to ensure that what you are given is indeed reasonable. Be sure to compare price but not in isolation.  A cheaper rate may mean lower quality work.  Review pricing alongside other important factors.
  • Contract signing. Once you have identified the contractor who fits you well it is time to sign up.  The contract must be thoroughly reviewed.  Be sure to get:
    • Contractor’s license information
    • Insurance information copies
    • Ensure that the contract has an established deadline
    • Confirm that there are no costs or fees that are hidden
    • Insist on a complete pricing breakdown
    • Confirm that they are willing to take responsibility for any damage that may be accidentally caused by them on the property during this time.


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